How to become a customer?
Signing up is FREE and so simple it takes 3 minutes!
Calling our head office you simple tell them your

  • -Shop name
  • -Address
  • -Contact Name & Phone Number
  • -Email
  • -Method of Payment

Once completed you can place your order!


How do I place my order?

After signup you can place your order through:

    • Email – sales@poshfoods.com.au
    • Fax – 02 9550 6022
    • Phone – 1300 726 898
    • SMS – 0400 YUM YUM (0400 986 986)


We can also setup a reminder service to call or text you before the cut-off time prior to next day delivery.

Just speak to one of our friendly staff members to put you on a reminder system.


When do I need to place my order?

As we make everything FRESH, we need orders to be placed 2:30pm prior to your delivery day so that we can schedule production.


Is there a minimum order?
We charge a $5 admin fee if orders are less than $60.00.


Is there a maximum order? What is the lead time?
As we make everything fresh, if your order is of particular importance and significant in volume e.g. more than 100 of any particular item. Please allow for 5 days notice.


Where do you deliver?
We delivery throughout Sydney and have distributors servicing regional NSW, QLD and VIC.


Can I setup a Standing Order?
Posh Foods provides a incident free system for busy business owners, our customers can organise to have a reoccurring order for a certain day delivery. This means our customers don’t need to call up and place the same order every time it just comes straight to their shop.


What days do I get delivery?
We will designate at least two days per week which we will deliver to your area. Below is our delivery schedule. If you are unsure, please contact our office on 1300 726 898.



Product Information

Where can I find prices on products?
Once you are setup with an account, please speak with one of our staff in the office to obtain a hard copy or email copy of the price list.

How long is the shelf life and how do I store them?
As our products are homemade, natural, and we don’tt add any preservatives during our production process. Our products don’t last suspiciously long like some other commercial/frozen products. Products must be stored below 4oC to maintain freshness and generally last up to 1 week. For detailed specification on each product, please contact the office.


How to serve the products?
Please watch video by clicking on this link Heating Instructions

Where can I find any nutritional information or the ingredients in certain products on your website?
For detailed specification on each product, please contact the office.

Payments and Credits

How to pay?
When making a payment, please send remittance advice to Email: accounts@poshfoods.com.au OR Fax: 02 9550 6022

  • EFT to: Posh Foods Pty Ltd | BSB: 032067 | ACCT: 430423 |
  • Cash on Delivery
  • Credit Card: Call 1300 726 898 and speak with accounts
  • Cheques made to Posh Foods Pty Ltd on delivery to mail to PO Box 490 Alexandria NSW 2015


What are my payment terms?
We do cash on delivery for new customers, As long a s we have more trading history with you or we can organise to set up 7 days or 14 days account for you.


What happens if a product is delivered that is damaged?
We ask you to check the stock upon receiving to ensure all the stock is provided in good condition. If you feel a damaged/spoilt when checking the stock with the delivery driver, please return to the driver. Also, please call our head office on 1300 726 898 and we will arrange for a swap or a credit for your next delivery.

What should I do if any products are missing from my order?
First check that the invoice you received with the order and check if the items have been marked as supplied or not. If the items are shown as supplied please contact our office on 1300 726 898


Thank You!