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Back To Bathurst


I just came back from Europe on an extended holiday and called the founders of Posh Foods (Budgens) this morning to catch up. We spoke about Europe and then, for some reason, we spoke about Bathurst.

I remember they started as a little Deli in Bathurst back in the 70’s and asked them a bit more about their first business.

Back in the 70’s before I was born, they bought their first business in Bathurst called “William’s Delicatessen”. The range started with just Devon and not much else. Simon wanted the business to be successful and drove down to Sydney every week to buy the best croissants, deli meats and cheeses.

The reason he did this was to stop people driving down to David Jones in Sydney to buy all the best things. Soon the Deli was flourishing with the more than 11 cold meats and 20 Cheese varieties. People drove to the deli from Orange, Dubbo, Mudgee, Frobes and all over the place to buy food from this little deli.

In the 80’s they sold the business and moved to Sydney. To start a business that made awesome food for the Sydney siders – today’s POSH FOODS. Half a century later. The legacy is back in Bathurst, Posh Foods Range is available in Bernadi’s IGA Bathurst – another independently run business just like 50 years ago…


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