Book of Garnishes

Pistachio Pate

Book of Garnishes

June Budgen had always been obsessed by the culinary arts, and her earliest memories were of cooking up a storm in the kitchen at the tender age of 2. She feverishly honed her skills, spending all her waking hours in the kitchen, taking night classes, and spending over 10 years working alongside Margaret Fulton and Maureen Simpson, editor of Home and Garden Magazine.

7 Years after the birth of Posh Foods, the decorations on our pates were famously beautiful. Influenced by the influx of Chinese cooking at the time, June learnt many techniques in creating beautiful garnishes. In 1988, she wrote and published a book called “the book of garnishes” which demonstrated techniques to create the Aspic Art on our pates. This book was very influential at the time and was translated to more than 7 languages and was filed in the Royal Libaray of England. To this day, June’s still receiving royalties from the library!

35 years on. The Art of Aspicking is almost lost in Australia, but we have carried on the legacy with our artisan style pates as well as our savoury goodies.