Gathering Family & Friends for Good Food and Good Conversation

When I was young, we would spend summers at my grandmother’s home near the coast. During the day, we’re scattered. Uncles and older cousins would go fishing while the women lounge at the beach or visit the local market. Before sunset, my grandmother would ask me to call everyone for dinner. The scent of chicken Parmigiana, barbecue shrimps, and gourmet pies permeates the dining room. The handsome hardwood echoes the steps as family members rush to the table. Suddenly, we’re all together.


Food and Relationships

Food is more than a physiological need; it defines relationships, schedules, social activity and represents cultural identities. It is part of all family events, such as birthdays, weddings, and holidays. When we plan a celebration, one of the first things we take care of is the food. And during gatherings, we usually begin our conversation with questions like “Can I have this recipe?”, “What’s your special ingredient?” etc.

On one occasion, we were very silent around the table, and suddenly a guest remarked on the chorizo sausage roll. After that, the topics just flowed throughout the evening. From chorizo sausage roll to work, daily commute, fashion, and current events.

According to Monkeyfoodz, families who eat together have better health measures. These include:

  • More fruits and vegetables and less fast food
  • Lower rates of obesity and eating disorder
  • Lower rates of behaviour problems at school and at home
  • Higher self-esteem and better body image
  • Better academic performance


Quality Time with the Help of Good Food

At this age, it’s tough to find time to eat together. Even more to make each mealtime meaningful. Work, school, and other obligations seem to get in the way. Whether you only eat together once a month or only share light-night dessert, grab this chance to nourish your mind, body, and relationships with good food. Here’s are my two secrets to ensuring that meals at home are enjoyable and spark meaningful conversations:


Share as Many Meals Together


During a weekday, I can only dine with family during breakfast and dinner, and only at weekends, we can also share lunch. We don’t spend every meal opportunity together, but we make sure that we make the most of it whenever we eat together. The same applies with friends.


Keep It Simple

I used to slave away in the kitchen during weekends because I tried to imitate families in magazines. Then, I realised family meals shouldn’t be complicated. Preparing dinner for 3 hours and connecting with your loved ones for 3 minutes isn’t practical. So, when I know that we don’t have the whole day to enjoy each other’s company, I just order premium mince pies. The natural egg glaze always adds vibrance to our conversations!

Posh Foods believes in the power of good food. For this reason, we use only the freshest ingredients in making our products. Our pies contain real butter and are bigger than regular pies—making them a favourite of Australian families. Explore our website to discover products!


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