Great Reasons Why Food Is the Best Way to Get to Know a Culture

Do you ever wonder what your regular food says about you? Why is it different from the food of your friends on the other side of the globe? Why are some culinary traditions so important?

I believe it’s because there’s a strong connection between food and culture. This is why I always encourage my friends and family to try local food when they’re travelling. In Singapore, for example, you can get a glimpse of the country’s multicultural and urban facet by dining at the hawker markets. In Japan, the superior precision you see in their engineering also flows to their tables. Their multicourse kaiseki showcases their attention to details, preference for fresh seasonal ingredients, and passion for artistic presentation.


But how does food represent culture?

 “Wherever you are in the world, you need food. Every culture has evolved from this necessity. Once our ancestors learned to hunt, they started organising food production and distribution—which have influenced what and how we eat today.”, says Credit Capital leisure loans advisor Alister Clare.

That also meant the food and its preparation were dictated by the plants, animals, and other resources near them. For example, the Greeks use olive oil in most cooking techniques because they have an ample supply. Olive oil was also used to anoint kings and athletes during ancient times.

In Morocco, they preserve meat strips in spices and animal fat and dry them under the sun. The end product is called “Khlea”, which can last for two years when preserved correctly and stored at room temperature. Their preservation technique only makes sense considering the warm temperatures and history of nomadic adventures.

In modern-day Australia, many get through a day eating burgers, pizzas, and other easy-to-cook food. But that doesn’t mean they’re less tasty. Fast food has become a defining trend of Australian culture because it helps consumers manage their busy lifestyles. But, of course, there is also gourmet food that can be delivered to homes.

In certain cultures, they demonstrate beliefs and practices when they gather for food. For example, in China, it’s approved to leave a mess on the table as proof that you’ve had an enjoyable meal. But you have to be careful about placing your chopsticks vertically into the bowl (especially with a superstitious crowd) as this mirrors the incense they use to honour the dead.

Are you a parmesan fan? Well, you have to be cautious about asking for parmesan cheese. Italian restaurants take pride in their food preparations to serve food exactly how it should be eaten. Therefore, they might take offence if you ask for something to boost the flavours. It’s also unlikely that you’ll find a cheese and seafood combo on the Italian menu.


Considering all of these, we can say that food is a part of our identity. As our lifestyles evolve, so does what we eat and how we eat.

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