Story of Posh Foods

Posh Pates


It was a poor quality pate that got the founders of Posh Foods Simon and June Budgen putting their heads together and discussing how they could do so much better, and how they should offer high quality food cooked to perfection. It has been this ethos that has driven Posh Foods over its 35+ years of service – that quality is the most important factor in a food product’s success.

June Budgen had always had an obsession with the culinary arts, and her earliest memories were of cooking up a storm in the kitchen at the tender age of 2. She feverishly honed her skills, spending all her waking hours in the kitchen, taking night classes, and spending over 10 years working alongside Margaret Fulton and Maureen Simpson, editor of Home and Garden Magazine.

The Budgens believed then and now that food, even those delivered to cafés and delis, should taste exactly like it was just prepared in the kitchen. This thought drove the idea of delivering fresh goods to cafés and delis on a daily basis, first with simple items like scotch eggs, and then more and more extravagant fare, stretching the limits of what could be done with locally-produced fresh produce sold via retail.

Stores like David Jones were quick to realize the potential of Posh Foods and how the uniqueness of the products could drive their sales and increase foot traffic. Business relationships with small cafés and delis began to grow, as these establishments recognized the commitment of Posh Foods to always offer a high quality product with only the best ingredients at an excellent price. Some of Posh Foods’ customers have now been with Posh Foods for over 35 years.

Keen to leave Posh Foods in good hands as they looked forward to retirement, in 2011 the founders of Posh Foods offered long-time company book-keeper Zez ownership of the company. In 2016 Cameron Squires Joined the Posh Foods Team as Group General Manager. Cameron had a vision for Posh Foods to be available for all Australians. Not just people in Sydney. He worked hard to setup logistics and distribution in South Australia, Victoria and Reigional NSW. Cameron is very hands-on type of guy, you’d often find him setting up displays at the most beautiful delicatessens with the Posh Foods Savoury Range. Because of his influence in the Fresh Food scene, now he is known as Mr Posh. Say hi to Mr Posh next time you see him!


Oh… look at our pates… have you seen them around?


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