Locally Sourced Ingredients

Spinach Quiche Cut

Our Local Ingredients

Sourcing our ingredients locally allows us to know exactly what is going into our products and ultimately into our bodies. Take our famous Posh Foods Chorizo Sausage Roll for example – the meat is sourced from a family-owned local butcher which is now in its third generation. We care about quality of ingredient, and our suppliers all do too. This is not something we can be sure of with products from afar.

Locally-sourced products are fresher, as they do not need to be across the country and can therefore be plucked, picked, and eaten when they’re at their peak of flavour. Food sitting in a truck or on a supermarket shelf is always constantly losing its precious nutrients – a piece of fruit will have lost up to 50% of its nutrient content if not eaten soon enough after it is picked.


Our Local Products

Mass-produced products, made in a factory on an industrial scale, can never hope to challenge the taste of locally-sourced products which have been put together with care and dedication. It was a store-bought pate back 35 years ago that got Posh Foods off the ground, because the founders couldn’t believe what was being passed for good pate and they knew they could do infinitely better. As we know,supermarket foods have declined even more over the past 35 years, while Posh Foods continues to offer the same high quality taste. Never compromise on quality – that is our motto.

Receiving our products daily, fresh to your door, not only allows you to sell only the best quality items but is simple and cost-effective as we handle all of the deliveries and supply the infrastructure. We even offer a range of Posh Foods partner products so you can only need to rely on one dependable supplier –Posh Foods.


Our Local Community

Posh Foods has been a cornerstone of our local communities for over 35 years. Locally-sourced products aid the local community, and we are passionate about supporting small local businesses from farmers and butchers to cafés, delis and RSLs. We love dealing with the locals. With the support of Metcash we are now accessible through the delicatessens of IGA stores in many local communities throughout Australia!


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