Fresh Beats Frozen Everytime!


Have you ever gone to a nice restaurant and had a lovely meal, but when you get to the dessert instead of the lovingly-prepared chocolate gateau made from fresh ingredients you were hoping for, you are instead greeted by a frozen dessert you know you could have just bought yourself and stuck on a plate? How did that reflect on the restaurant? Did you feel like going back?

A freshly made product that one can’t find anywhere else is one of the principal draws for a café or deli. People are more than willing to pay a few pennies more for something that astounds them, something that they’re able to recommend to their friends and feel pleased about being the first to know of it.


We Only Use Fresh Ingredients, We Only Supply Fresh Food

Fresh foods also allow us to be pickier about what is going into our products. Mass-produced frozen foods worry chiefly about the bottom line. Ever felt that there’s nothing much different between two different brands when you buy them both from the supermarket? That’s because they’re coming from the same huge commercial farms and are simply packaged up in different ways. It is only after you try a product from Posh Foods, who care about ingredients to a fault, that you realize you’ve been following a false economy.

When you eat food that is fresh, you are getting the full benefits of all of the vitamins and minerals at their peak. Customers care about eating healthy, and serving fresh food is a huge win. Note: frozen produce could potentially be better than fresh – if for example the fresh foods you chose were loaded with pesticides, grown poorly, left to sit and the frozen food was the only other option – but this is rarely the case, we can always find high quality fresh foods locally if we look for it. At Posh Foods, we believe we work with some of the best suppliers in the country who truly care about the quality of their produce and their reputation in the industry.

There is no excuse for short-changing your customers on the most important thing they care about, the food you serve. Offer your customers wonderful fresh food lovingly prepared, and they’ll thank you every time they keep coming back.


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