Classic Beef Bolognaise Lasagne


Our interpretation of this Classic Dish is one of my favourites. We cook our own Bolognaise sauce from scratch using premium beef mince and we make our Bechamel Sauce from scratch.

Most lasagnes home made or commercially made has a significant portion of the lasagne being the pasta sheets. This is because it’s difficult to make a filling that holds up the shape of the lasagne. As we have perfected our filling for more than 15 years,¬†we are able to use very minimal layers of lasagne sheets so we have a lot more filling than most other Lasagnes out there.

This thing is HUGE. 12 Inches in diameter and 3.9 kgs. Our very first sales rep back in 2012 always bought this as she could never cook enough food to feed her BIG Rugby playing boys. The boys loved this dish.


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